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This course presents the recommended Java “Model View Controller” Design pattern to implement the use of Servlets, JavaServer Pages and Java Beans, using JDBC to access RDBMS databases. It also reviews the Server architecture; explaining how applications are deployed in a server; and discussing Developers “runtime” customizations of Servers
and Applications within the Server, using Server.xml and web.xml files. Server Security is overviewed and demoed.
Extensive workshops (65%) are used to supplement lecture (35%). At the completion of this course, the students will have all the tools necessary to write Java Server Side applications that access databases.
This course explores Java's database connectivity package, JDBC. Topics include JDBC elements, the steps used to access a database with JDBC, data retrieval issues, and some of the advanced features that will gain more support with future releases of the JDBC API. Participants will use the JDBC interface to provide a call-level API for SQL-based database applications. This hands-on course is composed of comprehensive lectures, practical project illustrations, and independent programming sessions. The session's exercises include a realistic database application using modular Java architecture where the participant produces specific reports based on data in the database.
This course teaches Servlets (Ver 2.4) programming as well as JSPs (Ver 2.0) programming. Students will learn the basics of creating both Servlets and JSPs including their interaction; how to dispatch Servlets/JSPs from within other Servlets/JSP It teaches the recommend use of Java Beans with JDBC to manage data in the sever environment and provides explicate coding examples on how to handle the management of Java Bean scope (page, request, session and application) from Servlets to JSPs Optionally, time permitting, overviews and examples of: Networking Distributed Objects (including RMI/ remote procedural calls), as well as Java Collections.

Java Security
Introduction to java security.
Difference between trusted Domain & Untrusted Domain
All about sand Box
Description of Policy tool & key tool files
Editing policy in security file        

Java Reflection
What is reflection
Why we use reflection
Reflective Code genration
How to access non public members
Serializing objects through reflection
Representing types with class objects

Introduction to Web Applications                
The Web App Architecture
Why servlets over CGI,
The Servlet inheritance hierarchy
Servlet lifecycle
 Difference between send redirect and forward
The ServletConfig and ServletContext
Writing your servlets
Installing and understanding Servlet Container
 Starting and Stopping Servlet Container
Running your servlets
The Servlet's Single Thread Model
Session tracking using HTTPSession, Cookies, Hidden Form Fields and URL  rewriting
Understanding the limitations of the session tracking techniques
Debugging using Eclipse IDE, the web.xml files tags.
The FilterServlet API
Securing web applications
Authentication, Authorization, Roles, etc
Packaging web application and deploying it
Understanding the JDBC 2.0 API
Working with DataSource and InitialContexts
Configuring the JDBC driver with Web Server
Configuring the DataSource with Web Server
Configuring the DataSource with Web App
Running the Web App and accessing the database

This course is intended for programmers who have at least six months experience in Java and who want to learn about server side programming, accessing DBs .
Approach Jdk 1.5, Jakarta-Tomcat-5.x, APIs for Java, Servlets and JSPs and Access DBs. Students Will be able to set up and run a Web-Server on their own PC. Using Exadel Studio with
Eclipse to build and debug Web Applications

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