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Mobile recharge API

Online Mobile recharge API has become most popular API to provide prepaid recharge through any method. All operators (National and International) are providing online mobile recharge API for your application. Here in India there is lots of aggregators who are providing online mobile recharge api. With this API and single balance you can recharge more than 13 operators with good margin.

Before starting the Online mobile Recharge API business you should understand few things about that all the mobile operators provides different margin between 4% to 2% but few aggregators are providing recharge margin more than 4% on all operators for few times and after one or two months they reduce margin according to operator in that case you have to face lots of financial issue and your agent/distributors will blame to cheat.

We suggest you to understand market trends before buy any API and go to reliable aggregators because they can provide you good and reliable services with good and stable margin.

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Online Mobile Recharge application

Online mobile recharge business is very old and successful business. Online mobile and DTH recharge is really good and very successful & profitable for B2C and in B2B format it is quite expensive because of profit sharing. In online recharge application any B2C can recharge through payment gateway and here company get commission directly in his account. Because of direct selling company gets good margin through online mobile and DTH recharge business.

In B2B Model Company gets less profit and sometime it gets no margin because of market and transaction volume and here in agents end agent has to install an computer system with battery backup which is really much expensive because in that case agent has to live his system and which consume electricity which is costly, power backup is also a headache & cost of computer is become costlier platform than others.

SMS based recharge Application

Single SIM or SMS based mobile recharge business is a good, effective & cost saving system. Here agents can recharge his client’s mobile number to a single SMS. Here in India entrepreneurs are doing sms based recharge business with two methods.

GPRS/CDMA Modem based application.

In GPRS based application the entrepreneur bought a single machine, one GPRS modem and local mobile connection to get the recharge SMS. They setup this machine @ his/her premises. It is a cheap and effective for small and mid class entrepreneurs. Through this sms based mobile recharge system he can manage more than 50000 sms in a day which is a good transaction for small entrepreneurs. Right now this machine is too much popular in South & Central India.

That kind of mobile recharge server you can install @ your premises and no need to setup any big IT team and it is cost effective because of local SIM all the agents will send the SMS on local mobile number to recharge his/her application and it costs around .1 paisa to .50 paisa for each SMS.

Virtual Mobile Number based application (VMN)

VMN based application are those who want to start a big sms based mobile recharge business. Here in VMN you have to tie up with any Virtual mobile operator and Mobile operator will provide you a virtual mobile number for your mobile recharge application. This application & VMS integration is little costlier and the recurring cost of VMN is around Rs. 8000/- per month. This is quite expensive for small entrepreneurs because of fewer margins.

In both cases GPRS based mobile application & VMN based mobile application you have to setup a website and CMS to provide transaction details to his/her customers and one Push SMS provider to send response of his/her request and this is cost around .6 paisa per sms.

In both applications there is few drawbacks one sometime because of operator the system has not received the client’s request but his sent item shows that it has delivered. Sometime systems receive multiple recharge requests because of operator’s queue or heavy traffic and DND is a major issue to deliver response at client’s mobile. J&K is a example in India where you can’t deliver your response because of security.

 Call Us for more details at +91 88 26 198 198 or mail us


28.11.2014 09:27 hs.
Sk Singla
07.05.2013 10:14 hs.
I am starting my own one sim recharge company which will based on sms & online too.i.e., modem +api. pls suggess me for right api with costing
sunil chauhan
06.05.2013 13:32 hs.
i want to start my own one sim recharge company which will based on sms & online too. pls suggess me for right api with costing
16.03.2013 14:07 hs.
sir, plz send only 50 rupees becuz I need it very much. plz sir send me recharge quickly.
Aijaz kashmiri
18.01.2013 02:32 hs.
Helo sir,gud 4rm kashmir sir me ek shopkeeper hoon aur mujey aap k is single sim mein intrest hai plz aap mujey detail mein batain gey ki mujey kya karna mein invest kitna karna hoga aur benefit kitna hago...{every month} cotc no 919622748005... thankz..!!!
14.01.2013 12:12 hs.
sir i am shop keeper of mobile recharge , i want recharge ALL DTH connection commission basis please snugged me
27.12.2012 10:16 hs.
22.12.2012 15:07 hs.
We are doing purely sim base recharge and we provide Subscriber Transcation IDwhich is very Unique of us. We are giving FREE API,on our site will able to recharge MNP NOSand We give maximum of 4.5 percent commisions more detail send ur email phno..9444433382
19.11.2012 18:07 hs.
All Mobile DTH recharge business in single sim with upto 3% and in your brand and logo at just 6999/-
ganesh sarde
30.10.2012 17:45 hs.
plz send me details api ,commisn and cost
12.10.2012 16:54 hs.
please give me detail which one give u as distributor more than 3.7% or more commision? which recharge system is error free plz feel free mail us
16.08.2012 17:33 hs.
dear , plz send me details api ,commisn and cost
14.08.2012 07:06 hs.
We are doing purely sim base recharge and we provide Subscriber Transcation IDwhich is very Unique of us. We are giving FREE API,on our site will able to recharge MNP NOSand We give maximum of 4.5 percent commisions more detail send ur email
25.07.2012 12:54 hs.
ksdbknb klwe
Aadesh Singh
25.07.2012 12:51 hs.
Hi Friends, If anybody interested to start their own company call me @ 9768728183 Regards, Binish Singh
18.07.2012 17:31 hs.
pl give the details
24.06.2012 09:01 hs.
19.06.2012 18:05 hs.
Give me recharge API saftware prize detail.
18.06.2012 09:57 hs.
we provide shared call service at your brand name ,make thaounds per day ,for more inquiry call-8511767717
11.06.2012 00:03 hs.
HaHaHa, please set up your website properly before you start offering services? Hey guys, anybody needs software, API, etc for recharge business, call me. 9845124942
29.05.2012 11:57 hs.
Please call
18.05.2012 05:52 hs.
please call at given number
09.05.2012 17:29 hs.
09.04.2012 09:27 hs.
plz give me ur mobile no.
30.03.2012 16:22 hs.
we can provide you online recharge facility for around 80 countries including all operators of india , in a single reseller pannel . and also can give agencies for making calls through out the world in very cheap almost 75 % reduced rate then any operators calling rate .visit our web site
09.03.2012 06:50 hs.
I am interested in mobile recharge offline/online by taking franchise. May pl mail me the details for doing so.
Rohit Agrawal
25.02.2012 07:35 hs.
i would like to start an online recharge site, and for the same i need your help... please contact me@08269800800
Rohit Agrawal
25.02.2012 07:34 hs.
i would like to start an online recharge site, and for the same i need your help... please contact me@09961527232
egpay online
20.02.2012 16:53 hs.
egpay offers you (+919650590590) reliable online trasaction services. With the help of egpay you can start your one sim recharge business. We provide One SIM Recharge application, Single SIM Recharge, DTH Recharge API, Recharge API, Payment Gateway, Bill Payment etc.
Rohit Wadhwa
20.02.2012 11:47 hs.
Dear Girish ji Please provide your Phone number or Email id Regards Rohit Wadhwa 9729090998
13.02.2012 03:14 hs.
Please send me total detail.
26.01.2012 16:50 hs.
Pls send me total details for sms recharge api for own business,investment,commition,retaile charge email-
18.01.2012 11:57 hs.
Rahul Joshi
09.01.2012 10:28 hs.
Hi, I would like to provide facility to my website user to recharge their mobile online. Please call me on 9049127337 (Maharashtra)
16.12.2011 11:32 hs.
06.12.2011 10:30 hs.
i would like to start an online recharge site, and for the same i need your help... please contact me---@09847408095 kerala
30.11.2011 00:51 hs.
Pls Give me the link model website, i would like to start an online recharge site, advise me!!!!!!!!!!!!
08.10.2011 08:55 hs.
Plz give me website detail in this business.
05.10.2011 17:57 hs.
24.09.2011 17:42 hs.
i would like to start an online recharge site, and for the same i need your help... please contact me@09961527232
dinesh thakkar
22.09.2011 12:44 hs.
i am going to lounch a new co. in the field of mobile recharge.and need to get dealership.plz contact 9967260103
05.09.2011 08:04 hs.
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