Replacement for GATEWAY AAFQ50400000K0 Laptop Keyboard - Rs 3000


I Ball Usb Soft Touch (usb Keyboard)
With advancements in computer technology, why should keyboards be any different? Today keyboards don come with all the body:paraphernalia of attaching them to the main system. They are more simplified and come with a no-nonsense USB cord that can just be plugged in for your use. The I Ball USB Soft Touch USB keyboard is an example of such a keyboard that is making waves in the industry.Replacement for GATEWAY AAFQ50400000K0 Laptop Keyboard
 Earlier keyboards were connected via a serial cable that went into a serial port behind the CPU. With a USB keyboard all you need is a free USB port to plug it in via a USB lead and youe done. These are simple plug-and-play devices that can be plugged in or out as and when required. If it is plugged out by accident, you can put it right back in the slot and resume your work. Serial port keyboards, on the other hand, if knocked loose from its slot needs to be recognized by the PC, which means you have to restart your computer, which can be quite an inconvenience.Replacement for GATEWAY MX7515 Laptop Keyboard
 Another advantage of using the IBall keyboard is that you get more placement options compared to a serial port keyboard. You can attach it on the side port as well for a longer reach, or at the back of the CPU as per your requirements. Serial keyboards can only be attached at the serial port provided at the back of the system, limiting your comfort level.
 The IBall USB keyboard provides wireless support too and is a must if you use wireless devices. USB ports can also transfer data at a faster pace and are fast setting the norms today. These keyboards are available in attractive shapes and colors to give a cool look to your PC. Some even come with a host of multimedia features.
 This soft touch keyboard from IBall has very soft, comfortable keys that are almost noiseless while typing. They are easy to use and don strain your fingers or wrists. There are a set of 123 keys including 8 internet keys, 7 multimedia keys and 5 other hot keys. It supports a variety of operating systems including Windows 98/ ME / NT / 2000 / XP and Vista. It comes with a one year warranty. Replacement for GATEWAY 7305GZ Laptop Keyboard
 The IBall Soft Touch USB Keyboard is easily available online and is best for use in today technical environment. You can get good discounts on IBall products and can even compare prices with different manufacturers at one online store itself. So buy this new keyboard and add a touch of simplicity to your work. 


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