Security Window Screen - 304/316 stainless steel mesh


304/316 stainless steel mesh for security Window Screen

Security window screen let fresh air flow into room, having the features of bulletproof, anti-theft, and anti-fly.

Security Window Screen let fresh air flow into your home, meanwhile keeps mosquitoes out. Our window security screen is made from the 304 stainless steel wire or 316L stainless steel wire with black powder coated. It is super resistance to impact, bulletproof, anti-theft, anti-fly and mosquito together, and has the features of high temperature resistant, flame retardant, high strength, toughness, and the surface color and luster is bright beautiful, can be better to increase air circulation rate. Its quality meet Australia standard. Security window screen is ideal guarding against theft and mosquito in bulletproof office buildings, villas, and residential.
Mesh size: 11 mesh × 0.8 mm,11 mesh × 0.9 mm, 10 mesh × 0.9 mm, 12 mesh × 0.71 mm, 14 mesh × 0.6 mm, 9 mesh × 1.0 mm.
Main material: 304, 316 stainless steel.
Black powder coated.
Weaving methods: plain weave or crimped wire woven.
Security screens meet Austral standard, pass knife test, impact test, jemmy attack test.
Kingsafe 304/316 Stainless steel Security Window Screen benefits:

Keep mosquitoes out, let fresh air in, give you a cool and safe house in summer.
Blocks Out at least 30% of UV Rays, Means a longer life for interior furnishings.
Blocks heat transfer, improves the energy rating of glass windows and keeps your home cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter.
Maximizes strength and durability, and enjoy clear unobstructed views.
Corrosion resistant, and 10 year warranty.


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