How to Choose the Best Tutoring Center in the Philippines


Eureka believes that tutorials are for everyone. While some students do seek tutorials because of “need”, even students who are already doing well in school can benefit from tutorials. There are several factors that contribute to a student’s inability to understand lessons inside the classroom or for a student not to perform well in spite of obvious intellectual capabilities. Eureka's Tutorial Programs are meant to pinpoint those “cracks” in a school’s system by individualized programs that are tailored to specifically address concerns that are difficult, even impossible, to address in a classroom setting.

In this article we shall help you choose the best tutoring or review center for you or for your loved ones.


1. Emphasis on Critical Reading

Reading is the foundation of knowledge. One of the goals of a tutoring center, claiming to be the best is to develop the students’ critical thinking through practice. Students should be routinely asked to read hundreds of carefully selected passages that stimulate curiosity, enhance vocabulary, and promote critical thinking.


2. Advanced Tutorials

The best tutoring centers should be equipped to handle difficult programs such as the IB, AP, and the IGCSE.  Tutors in this class! are professionally trained to handle all major subjects included in the K-12 system.


3. Value for money

Of course value for money is very important. The best tutoring centers should keep a reasonable and competitive price for its students. 


4. Passion and Availability

The best tutoring centers should be composed of passionate teachers, teachers that are FULL-TIME professional tutors with at least 5 years of tutoring experience. All these teachers should be continuously trained and should attend teaching workshops/seminars in order to update their knowledge of the subject/s that they teach.


5. Teacher Training and Credentials

The teachers who are licensed and experts in teaching their specific fields are more effective than those who are not licensed and are new in the field. The best tutoring centers assures that its teachers are licensed or experienced and experts in their specific fields. 


6. Teaching Knowledge

Teachers are sure to be very effective because of the solid background in the subject areas that they teach as measured by a college major or minor in the field. Aside from that, the Center also should give great consideration to the teacher’s verbal ability. 


7. Teaching Experience

Years of experience in teaching suggests mastery of the subject matter. Teaching experience produces higher student results. Studies further suggest that the effect of inexperienced teaching can be a significant obstacle to student achievement. 


8. Overall Academic Ability

The teachers from the best tutoring centers should have a series of pre-employment examinations and trainings before getting hired. Aside from those, the best Centers also screen the teachers’ qualifications through their academic standing in college, years of experience in teaching, and expertise in the subject matter that they are going to teach. This part of the screening process is a given importance for the Centers' that believes that the teachers with stronger academic skills perform better.


Finally, we hope that this article, how to choose the best tutoring center has helped you.

This article is only a guide to help you find what you are looking for. The characteristics, attributes, features and qualifications stated in this article are based on our years of experience, years of proven techniques and strategies.



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